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Crazy Racers


The Amazing crazy racing game for upto 8 players (giant pig not included)

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Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, start your engines!

no no no, not a real car, in crazy racers! Come and play the brand new crazy phonics racing game from Niki Education!

Everytime you play, the game is totally different.  It comes with a complete set of letters with associated word sounding images, special cards that could put you anywhere on the track including monkeys in boats, giant pigs and elephants that want to be friends!  Each pack also contains 8 cars and 8 keys for extra mayhem!

Watch your students create their own track, on the desk, under the table, mix two packs for a super crazy game!

Check it out today!

(Always wear your seatbelt, abide by all car laws and don’t try to drive unless you have a license, and some gummy bears for the journey :p